Addressing Over-medication for People Suffering from Depression


It is a common method of treating symptoms in the 21st century so when you walk into the doctor’s office, describe your symptoms to the nurse then the doctor comes in and reads a sheet of paper then asks you a couple of cursory questions before writing a prescription and telling you to “have a nice day” but contrary to that, most individuals spend more time in the waiting room than they actually spend with their physician and this trend in the United States and in the United Kingdom seems to be to simply medicate patients without fully diagnosing their symptoms, much less finding the root cause.

Depression is one of those dysfunctions which can present with a wide variety of symptoms and feelings such as sadness, changes in sleep patterns, weight changes, lack of energy, cognitive function impairment, to a wide variety of other issues that may or may not be related. According to Dr. Jennifer Wild, a senior instructor at the Institute of Psychiatry, despite a large increase in cognitive behavior therapy, otherwise known as CBT, doctors are still advocating the use drugs on their patients and also argues that doctors need to have a better understanding of the psychological therapies available and should be offering such therapies to individuals in lieu of medications which simply mask the dysfunctions. Know about ami shroyer singer here!

When doctors simply prescribe a pill, they are only enabling a temporary solution so the problem with many clinicians is that they have been taught over the years to simply provide medication to aiding masking or alleviating the symptoms and that is exactly what antidepressants do, making a person feel better but they do not solve the underlying symptoms, nor do they treat the problem that is causing the depression in the first place. You may also watch and gather more ideas at

Most doctors in the UK offered 80 percent of patients’ drugs and only 20 percent were offered therapy prior to 2008 when the UK Government introduced an initiative called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, or IAPT, which is effectively halting the automatic prescription of pills and expanding the availability of psychological treatments that are effective in treating the symptoms so now, 115 out of 154 of England’s primary care trusts now offer IAPT service.

If one suffers from a disease or dysfunction, a doctor should first and foremost focus upon finding an answer that addresses all the symptoms, as opposed to masking the symptoms through pills since there is simply no substitute for a carefully considered diagnosis. Know about doterra oils here!


Ami Shroyer as a Singer/Songwriter


In the event that you feel the need for healing in both body and soul, the most effective method is by comprehending and acknowledging the presence of one Supreme Being. To sing your emotions to Him uplifts your soul and enables you to achieve and feel profound contemplation.

Religious songs are of great variety. Different writers, such as ami shroyer, have penned these wonderful lyrics that expresses praise and giving thanks to God. Although they could vary in theme as well as in the lyrics itself, you can often notice that most of these songs are soulful, expresses happiness, lifts the spirit, as well as talks about the promises that God has for man.

It is a common belief that melodies and music of any kind sung around the world, can influence the emotions and feelings of the singer as well as those who are listening to it. Thus, there are numerous topics that are touched by music, whether the aim is to sing tunes about the unity of God, to help the person in dealing with grief, to express joy or love or another type of emotions and many more.

Then again, the religious tunes and melodies are the most beautiful and most meaningful songs ever sung, both in public and in private settings. These religious songs often sung with a guitar or piano playing nearby, has much significance in the event that it describes a story or is relating a lesson for those who would listen. Most religious songs have simple melodies in them, but the spirituality that they are able to convey in the verses and words transcend every kind of music there is. So it is not rather uncommon for some people to even use religious music for healing or to help them deal with the profound grief and loss that they could be suffering right at that moment. Learn more about motivational speakers at

Likewise, as ami shroyer speaker believes that having time for reflection and understanding the difficulties in life, would live a life full of meaning and spirituality. Even though the tunes can vary, singing songs of this nature will really show the singer and the listener at the same time, all the wonderful things that God has offered to man.

Then on the other side of the grief and loss, for those individuals who feel the need to show and express their gladness and appreciation to everything that God has provided them, can also resort to singing lively religious tunes as they are quite effective in uplifting the spirit and expressing what you wanted to express from the heart. Without a doubt, when it comes to the versatility, effectiveness and usefulness and worth of songs to both the singer and the listener alike, nothing comes close to what religious songs can give them, and will provide.

What People Need To Know About Medical Negligence


Medical negligence happens when medical treatment can get to fall below expected standards, if a patient gets to be injured as a result of medical negligence the patient can file a lawsuit claiming a medical malpractice. If the patient can get to die, the family would then file a wrongful death lawsuit and the most common kind of medical negligence would involve surgery in the hospital and also other healthcare facilities. It would get to happen to most nurses, doctors, medical technicians and also medical facilities, the different types of medical negligence are almost endless and there are various number of examples which people need to know about.

The first one is damage to a neighboring organ during surgeries, this would get to happen to individuals which have undergone surgery and they can get to file a medical negligence case to the hospital which has done it. Medical negligence can also be a wrong diagnosis that leads to people to not get treatment for the condition or providing false treatment for the condition which people are in when visiting a hospital.

Dealing with grief can also get to happen when a doctor that gets to tell their patient that they are healthy which can get to cause a delay in the treatment that can lead to their clients to be injured. Medical negligence would also happen to dentist which has done negligent treatment which can get to cause the patient to lose their teeth and would cause certain damage to the health and confidence of the patient.

Medical negligence would get to also happen with medical practitioners to provide incorrect medication or the prescription of a medication in a very harmful dosage where it would get to damage the health of various patients. This can be negligence on the part of the physician that gets to prescribe the medication, the nurse that gets to administer the medication and also for the pharmacist that has prepared the medicine. Medical negligence can get to happen with unnecessary surgery that can result for people that can get to affect the total health and also body of the patient due to the wrong surgery which the physician has done. You may read more at

Medical negligence can also happen to cosmetic surgeries which can get to cause an injury to the patient or would get to result in people to have really unpleasing surgical result to their patients. People would also get to file medical negligence where the medical team can have errors on medical chart that can lead to patients to get incorrect medical procedures and also medications to the patient. It is that important for most medical practitioners to avoid medical negligence which can happen when they are working. Purchase essential oils here!

How Essential Oils Help You


Though you might have heard about essential oils only as of late, they actually have been in existence for centuries now. In fact, the earliest civilizations and cultures use them for different purposes, including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and the Chinese. Essential oils during the early ages of man were used for personal hygiene, massage, healing, and even in rituals

Essential oil wholeness, by definition is concentrated plant extract that is shown to have a definite positive effect to anyone who uses it. In the modern day use of essential oils, they no longer are just limited to the use in rituals and hygiene as one particular type can help in some type of wellness objective, including the lessening and easing of pain, inflammation, and congestion, as well as fighting health problems like infection, nausea, and common allergies.

So when it comes to health and wellness, there always is one specific type of essential oil that can help. For this post, we’ll be looking at the most popular essential oils that help promote wellness in people.

1 – Tea Tree Oil

It is widely believed that tea tree oil has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. It is proven as an effective treatment for oral health problems, more particularly the presence of bacteria and gingivitis. It also is known as a treatment for dandruff and acne.

2 – Lavender Oil

The most amazing thing about essential oil extracted from lavender is that it has several wellness properties that other essential oils don’t have, including but not limited to antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antispasmodic properties. And if you’ve heard a lot of good things about it, that’s because all of them are true. And maybe the most remarkable thing about this essential oil is that while it remains to be versatile, it also is quite gentle.

3 – Eucalyptus

One unique thing about this essential oil is its minty and camphor-like aroma. The smell of eucalyptus is one reason why not all people can tolerate it. But it never can be denied that it remains to be the most effective way of dealing with cough and common cold. And because it acts as a natural pesticide, you can use it to kill and get rid of insects, pests, bacteria, and even fungus. For more information, you may also check

4 – Lemon

Finally, the essential oil extracted from lemon has very strong and powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Those two properties are the reason why it is commonly being used as a home cleaner. Thanks to another ingredient called D-limonene, lemon oil is also known to be an effective solution for minimizing the presence of wrinkles in the face and in the improvement of the skin.

Those are the four most popular essential oils today for wellness, but there still are so many others that you may want to discover on your own. Know ami shroyer here!

The Life of Ami Shroyer


Her faith and other people are important things in Ami’s life. Even when she was just a child, Ami already loved Jesus and had many friends. Ami had a love for children in her days traveling as a singer before she got married and had kids of her own. While she was growing up, Ami traveled a lot and was able to meet new people and see new places. She was not able to attend her high school graduation because she was off singing.

Ami shroyer song writer during college in the same town but he had always lived at home. Mike had loved Ami as well as the camp ministry. Their strengths were the opposite but they both had their driving passions. Even if both of them were writers, Mike and Ami had a different style of writing. He was able to provide some structure to Ami’s style and she would also bring excitement to his methodical ways. The couple clicked and Ami felt very safe and she was loved as well. Their two children were also very loved. They experience happiness during those times.

Ami had greatly supported Michael in his ministry passions. Michael was able to get out of his church desk job and answer his calling of making a difference in a more personal way. The kids were able to see the faces of the people they were helping. They had a belief and God will help the families that are in their lives but also that Mike will be able to help the leaders looking for assistance.

Ami released a CD about Christian music which also featured her singing and songwriting skills. Awards were given to some songs as well. You may also visit and read more about motivational speakers at

Her voices was very clear, bright, and had a light quality. Her songs were pop sounding with a piano and guitar blend that would sound familiar to those who knew about early seventies folky pop. Congregations sang her praise songs. It is a difficult task to write a simple song which at the same time, would move people. There as strength, sophistication, and cleverness to her top song. Aside from soft, slow, and meditative tracks, there were also peppy and upbeat songs. Ami’s performances showed that God was with her through all her moments in her life like marriage, parenthood, and death.

After Michael passed, Ami still took on the role of uniting people. She continues to strive to meet other ministry leaders in her surrounding areas. Ami strives to make a difference through connecting other people using creative means. She aims to overcome differences and other types of hierarchy in order to focus on the scripture. Learn about overmedication led to patient’s death here!