The Life of Ami Shroyer


Her faith and other people are important things in Ami’s life. Even when she was just a child, Ami already loved Jesus and had many friends. Ami had a love for children in her days traveling as a singer before she got married and had kids of her own. While she was growing up, Ami traveled a lot and was able to meet new people and see new places. She was not able to attend her high school graduation because she was off singing.

Ami shroyer song writer during college in the same town but he had always lived at home. Mike had loved Ami as well as the camp ministry. Their strengths were the opposite but they both had their driving passions. Even if both of them were writers, Mike and Ami had a different style of writing. He was able to provide some structure to Ami’s style and she would also bring excitement to his methodical ways. The couple clicked and Ami felt very safe and she was loved as well. Their two children were also very loved. They experience happiness during those times.

Ami had greatly supported Michael in his ministry passions. Michael was able to get out of his church desk job and answer his calling of making a difference in a more personal way. The kids were able to see the faces of the people they were helping. They had a belief and God will help the families that are in their lives but also that Mike will be able to help the leaders looking for assistance.

Ami released a CD about Christian music which also featured her singing and songwriting skills. Awards were given to some songs as well. You may also visit and read more about motivational speakers at

Her voices was very clear, bright, and had a light quality. Her songs were pop sounding with a piano and guitar blend that would sound familiar to those who knew about early seventies folky pop. Congregations sang her praise songs. It is a difficult task to write a simple song which at the same time, would move people. There as strength, sophistication, and cleverness to her top song. Aside from soft, slow, and meditative tracks, there were also peppy and upbeat songs. Ami’s performances showed that God was with her through all her moments in her life like marriage, parenthood, and death.

After Michael passed, Ami still took on the role of uniting people. She continues to strive to meet other ministry leaders in her surrounding areas. Ami strives to make a difference through connecting other people using creative means. She aims to overcome differences and other types of hierarchy in order to focus on the scripture. Learn about overmedication led to patient’s death here!